Nachos  (Available vegan)                                                                                                         £6.95

Twice cooked tortillas with melted cheese, sour cream and picco de gallo.

Add Guacamole: £4.95

Marble Bread       (Vegan)                                                                                                     £6.95

Our signature bread made with bamboo charcoal, smoked paprika and truffle dough

Ceviche Of The Day                                                                                                          £8.95

Avocado, sweet potato, plantain crisps, wakame salad, maize, ponzu and tigers milk


Mango and Jackfruit ceviche    (Vegan)                                                                           £8.95

Mango and Jackfruits cured in leche de tigre, served with avocado and salsa fresca.


Gazpacho Resplandor                                                                                                       £9.95

Watermelon gazpacho served with grilled spicy malagueta & sambuca prawns


Tuna Acevichado                                                                                                               £9.95

Sashimi-grade tuna tartare with wakame, puka tigers milk and togarashi rice         

Scallop Teradito                                                                                                               £11.95

King scallops with leche de mango, aji Panco, kiwicha and cilantro oil

Crab Causa                                                                                                                         £9.95

White crab meat served over traditional causa potato and avocado, dressed with cilantro sauce, aji Amarillo and soft boil egg

Steak Tartare                                                                                                                      £8.95

Hand minced grass-fed beef served with quail egg and plantain crisps, dressed with tigers milk and chilli infused oil

Beetroot Tartare   (Vegan)                                                                                                    £8.95

Marinated beetroots served on layers of diversity quinoa and avocado, then dressed in ponzu, wasabi, ginger, and chili-infused oil (V)

Rib-eye Anticucho                                                                                                             £9.95

Grilled beef skewers, served with chimichurri, aji Amarillo and criolla salad

Chicharon de Clamar                                                                                                        £8.95

Fried baby squid lightly dusted in flour & maize then served with salsa criolla and habanero aioli



Xinxim de Galinha                                                                                                           £14.95

Brazilian classic of chicken breast in a creamy peanut & lemon curry with palm hearts, shredded shrimps toasted coconut and green beans

Add Rice: £2.95 or Yuca Chips: £4.95

Bahian Jackfruit Curry (Vegan)                                                                                           £17.95

Roasted pulled jackfruit & palm hearts cooked in a coconut sauce with ginger, garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, coriander, tomatoes & shredded green beans

Add Rice: £2.95 or Yuca Chips: £4.95

Arros Cahufa (Vegan)                                                                                                      £14.95

Peruvian style stir-fry rice, tossed in the wok with chiffa vegetables, garlic, ginger, Amarillo chilli, coriander and ponzu. 

Feijoada (Vegan)                                                                                                            £14.95

Brazilian black bean casserole, stewed with seasonal vegetables, tomato, coriander, garlic and chilli


Pork Belly Nikkei                                                                                                              £16.95

Free-range pork belly braised in ginger, garlic, ponzu and miso sauce. Served with chickpea casserole and salsa verde

Add Sautee Potatoes: £2.95 or Yuca Chips: £4.95


Pescado Encocado                                                                                                          £17.95

Traditional coastal dish from Northern Ecuador, consisting of seasonal white fish (ask for today’s fish) mussels and tiger prawns, all braised in a tangy coconut sauce

Add Rice: £2.95 or Yuca Chips: £4.95


Costillas de Cordero                                                                                                       £21.95

Roasted Lamb-rack marinated with garlic, cilantro, paprika and red wine, served with salad and chimichurri

Add Sautee Potatoes: £2.95 or Yuca Chips: £4.95

Cartel Burger                                                                                                                   £26.95

Grilled 20oz mince steak, cheese, teriyaki sauce, avocado, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and lettuce in a homemade double bamboo charcoal bun. Served with cassava chips
Why not to go fully ‘Latino’ and try with alpaca (16oz) instead? *(additional £8)

Bison                                                                                                                                 £23.95

Grilled Rib Eye steak served with cassava chips, criolla salad and chimichurri
Add grilled Tiger Prawns: £5.00


*Bison has lighter flavor and tastes slightly sweeter than beef. Despite having marbles of fat as every rib eye, it is naturally lower in calories and cholesterol. Served Med-Rare only

Coccodrillo Anticuchero                                                                                                 £29.95

Grilled crocodile steak with mango salsa and chimichurri, served with cassava chips and grilled pineapple.

Ocean’s Basket (Minimum 2 people)                                                      per person     £21.95

Tiger prawns, scallops, langoustine, baby squid, fresh mussels, and fish of the day. Served with Latin salad and dips

Add rice or potato wedges for £2.95

All served with soft tortillas and house dips

Fajitas de Pollo                                                                                                                £14.95

Chicken tenders sizzled with bell peppers, onions, garlic, sweetcorn, and coriander

Carne Assada                                                                                                                   £16.95

Grass-fed beef marinated in garlic, wine, coriander and paprika, sizzled with bell peppers, sweet onions and mushroom

Camarones                                                                                                                       £18.95

A dozen of tiger prawns sizzled with bell peppers, sweet onions and coriander with our special seasoning

Vegetariana                                                                                                                     £16.95  Sizzled Jackfruit, mushroom, baby corns, palm hearts, peppers and onions with coriander and our special seasoning


Tortilla Set:    £1.50
House Dips : £1.50
Cheese:         £1.00





Pre-order only

Flavours of the Sea                                                                                Starting from  £135.00

Whole crab, lobster, langoustine, oysters, caviar, tiger prawns, scallops, whelks, mussels, clams & dips

*Enquire the availability and price before ordering, this platter is seasonal and brought straight from our trusted fishmonger, therefore the price will vary


Lobster & Tomahawk                                                                             Starting from £120.00

Braised whole fresh lobster served with grilled 32oz Tomahawk, yucca chips, grilled corn, Latin salad, house dips and yuca chips

*Enquire the availability and price before ordering, this Lobster is seasonal and brought straight from our trusted fishmonger, therefore the price will vary




Suspiro de Limeña                                                                                                             £6.95

Peruvian style creamy caramel mousse topped with red wine flavored meringue and sprinkled with cinnamon


Chocoflan                                                                                                                           £6.95
Dense and rich chocolate cake stacked with creamy vanilla flan, dripping with a delicate layer of goat milk cajeta caramel sauce


Tres Leches                                                                                                                         £6.95

Classic Mexican sponge cake soaked with three milks, served with mango puree and whipped cream

Pastel de Papa Morada                                                                                                     £7.95

Plant-based raw cheesecake, made with purple potato, extraversion palm sugar all laid on a nutty base, and topped with smooth chocolate ganache
*This cake is paleo, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free and simply delicious!


TARTA de Lima y Grosella                                                                                                £6.95

A plant-based refreshing tart made with lime, basil, blackcurrant and butterfly pea, served with fruit of the forest


BANANA ROLLITOS                                                                                                         £7.95

Caramelized bananas, rolled in a crepe with queso fresco, dulce de leche and cinnamon, served hot with ice-cream


Russian Standard vodka, Coconut water, Mango chilli pure
MOJITO £8.95
Fresh mint, Lime, Bacardi, Soda
Grapefruit, lime, St. Germain, elder flower liqueur, Gordons pink gin, tonic, rosemary, juniper berries, hibiscus patels
Caipirinha £8.95
Cachaca, lime, cane sugar, soda
Tequila, Lanique rose liqueur, lime juice, Angostura orange bitters, rose buds
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