On this class, you will learn how to prepare a refreshing South American cocktail based on Cachaca (a typical Brazilian liquor).
Then you will learn briefly about the origin of Ceviche while showing a demo of how to prepare it.

This Ceviche class will be a hands-on training experience in which you will get to do your own Ceviche and learn the techniques and presentation of the dish so you can prepare it to your friends or family at home with confidence.

We will also have an appetizer ready for you so you can try more from our Latin American gastronomy.
After the cooking experience, we will all sit together in the dining room where you can enjoy the food and ask questions and share your experience with others.

Other things to note
Pescatarians can enjoy this experience.
Now we also have a vegan option! Enjoy our delightful Jackfruit and Mango Ceviche! (must be requested in advance).


Whats included ?

1 complimentary cocktail

1 complimentary appetizer

Knife confidence

Handling fresh ingredients

Learning different marination


Gift voucher for future events