Final edition

Many of you might think its an awkward odd color, some

might say EEWW it puts me off...and the comments can go on and on, heard it a dozen of times, been there, 

done this. My answer to that is; do not let a bunch of ignorant affect your creativity. Black bread is unique and a real legacy with an eye catching effect when serving it on the table during service, it makes the person pause for 30 second thinking; 'huh! what is that?' I call that momentum a memory stamp, its when your guest will always remember that time when he had a strange but pleasant experience in eating just a bread!

Three year ago, I knew so little about activated charcoal. I came across it first in an article on the Metro paper during my journey to work, when my eyes were mesmerized on a black glazy bun with sesame seeds, the idea became like an obsession, then a trailer of experiments without any clue of what I was doing. But I remember buying the 100g powder through Amazon from Japan for nearly £19 that time.

Long short story and getting to the point, before going ahead, please be aware that when consuming Activated bamboo charcoal, it will work as an absorbent. It has a long list of benefits, such as absorbing toxins, poisons etc. provides better vitality, good for skin and and and...

just remember this, as an absorbent substance, it will also absorb your medics if you are on medication, it will stop your medications effect

because it will absorb it too.

Also, if consumed in large quantities, you might experience constipation as a side effect

So if you are on any medications, please consult your doctor before consuming

Bamboo charcoal.

Lets get on with the recipe; 1 kg    x Strong Flour

20 g    x Activated Charcoal powder

20 g    x Dry yeast

100 g  x Caster sugar

150 g  x Olive oil

10 g    x Salt

550 g  x lukewarm water

First thing, soak the charcoal powder in the water then add yeast and sugar onto it, mix then leave at least 30 min on side. you'll see that the yeast has activated and the whole black mix will create a foamy form.

in a bread mixer, place the flour, then start the mixer while adding the oil. keep mixing until the oil and flour become crumbly then add the charcoal mix.

allow to dough to mix for 2 min before adding the salt, then carry on mixing for another 15 min.

As soon as the dough is stuck to the mixer's arm, transfer it to a large bowl and seal the bowl with cling film.

Let the dough rest for an hour.

Whenever you start working the dough out, remember never to

use flour for dusting, instead use oil. spread some on your working surface and on your hands.

 Bear in mind that the dough should be on the wet side, soft.

portion the shapes that you like, bread rolls, buns, flat bread and bake for only 13 min under 180 C.

Please leave me feedback if you tried it


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