How fresh is your Fish?


hat's the first question you should ask when ordering your favorite sea-food dish in any restaurant.

Fresh, Sea-food & fish must be served within 48 hours of delivery.

Many restaurants and even those who claim serving the best sea-food would keep their unused fish beyond that time, probably for economical reasons, yet you would get charged for the full amount as if you are eating a catch of the day.

How to be on the safe side?

Before ordering your food, do not ask if the fish is fresh, make it more challenging for the waiter to answer, ask:

1. When did you receive your fish delivery?

2. Was it fresh or frozen?

3. May I see one portion before the chef cooks it please?


When you receive your food on the table, get your nose close to the food and try to smell it.

Normally sea-food & fish must have a pleasant sea breeze smell.

When you taste your sea-food, if you sensed something tangy on your tongue, that means that the fish is OFF.

Hopefully those steps will help you to enjoy your favorite meal, and also to avoid growing those harmful germs in your guts.


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