Paella & Sangria

Sundays are special at Sobremesa and for that, we created the perfect Paella menu, cooked to order with locally sourced ingredients.

Pella de Verdure (for 2 people)                                           £27.90

Saffron braised rice with Spanish sofrito and seasonal vegetables.

Paella la Safor (for 2 people)                                    £33.99
This version of the Valencian paella comes from the Canton Safor. Cooked with chicken, duck, pork meatballs, rabbit, chorizo, white beans, green beans, sweet paprika, artichokes, saffron rice, and duck broth.

Paella de Mariscos (for 2 people)                              £31.90
Classic Spanish dish cooked with saffron braised rice, sofrito, king prawns. Mussels, baby squid, and white fish.

Paella Mixta (for 2 people)                                       £35.90
Saffron braised rice with Spanish sofrito, king prawns, mussels, chorizo, chicken, rabbit and pork meatballs.


Min order 3 plates

Gambas al Ajillo                                                              £8.95

Tiger prawns cooked in lemon, garlic, and parsley.

Calamres fritos *                                                             £7.95

Crispy Baby squid served with garlic lemon sauce.

Bacalao con Piperada                                                    £9.95

A roasted cod fillet served on roasted pepper and tomato sauce topped with salsa verde.

Patatas Bravas *                                                              £5.95

Roasted potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aioli.

Berenjenas Fritas *                                                         £5.95

Crispy fried aubergines with chili honey and garlic dressing.

Albóndigas de jabalí                                                        £8.95

Wild boar meatballs with tomato sauce

 Chorizo al Malbec *                                                       £7.95

Pan-roasted chorizo Picante with Malbec

 Pan con Tomate   *                                                        £5.95

Homemade bread with tomato and garlic

 Tortilla Española *                                                          £7.95

Spanish style omelet made with potatoes, eggs,

garlic and onions.

 Champinones al Ajillo *                                                 £7.95

Sautéed mushroom with garlic parsley and lemon